By John Schaffner

The wide-ranging staffing shifts at the Atlanta Police Department that were announced May 22 by Chief Richard Pennington have benefited Zone 2 operations and the Buckhead area of the city by increasing the supervisory personnel in the zone’s operations.

As part of the APD shakeup, Zone 2 received five new sergeants for uniform assignments, while only losing three to other assignments, according to Zone Commander Major James E. Sellers. That is a net gain of two sergeants to the Zone 2 supervisor team. He said that puts Zone 2 at full staff with sergeants.

Changes in the Criminal Investigations Division also strengthens that area of the Zone 2 operations, according to Major Sellers.

The wide-ranging Police Department staffing shifts announced by Pennington involved 140 officers. The major part of the announcement was the replacement of the entire narcotics squad, aiming to regain public trust in the department after two squad members pleaded guilty to killing 92-year-old Kathryn Johnston in a botched drug raid.

The five new Zone 2 sergeants are W. Adams, who was recently promoted from the S.W.A.T. Team, K. Payne, who was recently promoted from the Field Inspections Unit, M. Cavalier, recently promoted from the Special Victims Unit, J. Branum and A Clay, promoted from the Field Operations Division.

A major change is in the Zone 2 Criminal Investigations Division (CID), where Lieutenant A.J. Biello has been reassigned as unit commander. Biello has years of experience in detective assignments, including commander of the homicide unit as well as commander of the vice unit. In addition, he served as commander of the Red Dog Anti Drug unit.

Another change in the CID is the addition of Sergeant Kevin Molnar, who has served as supervisor in several zone assignments as well as having experience in the Auto Theft Task Force.

“The addition of these two new supervisors to the Zone 2 Precinct CID unit will result in improved quality of the criminal investigations conducted in the zone,” said Major Sellers.

Zone 2 also now has a new evening watch commander, recently promoted Lieutenant B. K. Martin. With 21 years of police experience, he has worked Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport on the Special Team Unit as well as Zone 5 precinct as field supervisor.

“The citizens of Zone 2 will be well served with the new additions to the team because of these officers vast amount of experience in different fields,” stated Major Sellers.