By Michael J. Thompson

It’s a rarity that Neighborhood Planning Unit C meets in the month of July. In the past, NPU-C has taken the month off, having finished all important duties in the first six months of the year and in preparation for the last half of the year.

Due to the Independence Day holiday, NPU-C met on July 10 for a “short and sweet” meeting, according to Chair Eric Ranney.

“These are the type of meetings you wish all of ours were,” Ranney said.

With a short agenda, the meeting was over quickly and four applications for Board of Zoning Adjustment were approved without protest.

“This has been a pretty uneventful meeting, but it’s a nice departure from what we’ve dealt with recently,” he said.

Two houses on Woodward Way and Dean Drive sought variances from zoning regulations to allow for renovations.

“You sometimes have difficulty in trying to get the zoning applications approved, but today the NPU was in a giving mood,” said Michael Spangler, one of the homeowners who sought one of the variances.

Ranney was quick to point out the aesthetic value that granting these variances will bring to the neighborhood.

“These are all for renovations of homes and a lot times there is support for this sort of thing because it can save trees and keep homes from being torn down,” said Ranney “It’s a nice way to preserve homes,” he added.

In other news, a potential ordinance proposed by the Finance/Executive Committee will be presented on August 1 for the public to hear that could prove to be problematic for the chief financial officer of the city. In a bid to recoup costs that are lost by having a third-party vendor, the city is considering imposing a $4.50 convenience fee on credit card users, on-line payment users and electronic check users who submit payments for water and wastewater services.

“Once news of this gets out, it will wake up the neighborhood,” said Ranney.

July may have been an off month, but business likely will pick up at the next NPU-C meeting in August.