Tenants of the Eclipse condominiums in Buckhead and a representative of the Novare Group, which built and manages Eclipse, appeared before a committee of Neighborhood Planning Unit-B (NPU-B) April to seek relief from nightly noise that comes from the rooftop patio of the new Fado Irish pub on Buckhead Avenue.

Those appearing before NPU-B said they love Fado being there, but they cannot accept the noise problem.

According to Gregory Mark, director of property management for Novare, and residents of Eclipse who attended the meeting of the Public Safety Committee of NPU-B, the acoustics from the rooftop patio of the popular Buckhead bar and restaurant are so loud they keep residents in Eclipse up every night until Fado closes.

The noise is not just loud music, but also loud talking of the people enjoying the rooftop patio at Fado.

The representatives of Eclipse say they have met with the management of Fado and asked that something be done to reduce the noise level, but have received no response from Fado’s management.

Apparently about a dozen Eclipse residents are passionate about the noise problem, but 40-50 residents are directly affected by the noise problem. It was stated that the noise level is disturbing even with the windows of the condominiums closed.

The problem has become apparent since Fado opened in its new location on Buckhead Avenue in the new Streets of Buckhead development. Residents apparently have made many complaints to the police.

NPU-B Chair Jeff Shell, said the NPU had no idea there was going to be a rooftop patio on the new pub building or that it would cause a noise problem when the NPU approved Fado’s liquor license for that location. He said that information would not normally be part of the application and would only come up for consideration if someone asked the question.

It was suggested that the tenants get a petition with many tenant names on it and take it to City Councilman Howard Shook, who represents the area, and to Ben Carter, the developer who owns the Fado building, and to Zone 2 Police Commander Major James Sellers, who can provide equipment to check the sound levels to see if they fit within the noise ordinance. They were told to check the ordinances to see if Fado’s is violating any.

The Eclipse representatives indicated they prefer to continue negotiating with Fado management than create further problems.