Epstein students learn with Olympic spirit

Epstein third-graders dived into Olympic-themed activities during their first week of school. As part of an enhanced, hands-on science curriculum, third-graders used all their senses in the Sense-ational Science program and participated in the Potato Olympics.

Each child examined a number of potatoes under a magnifying glass and selected one to represent a fictional Olympic athlete. The students invented athlete biographies and measured the sizes and weights of potatoes. Later, they created stories about what their athletes would do for fun and crafted clothing and decorations.

In the end, they competed for the gold using their potatoes in a game of bowling.

The activity was conceived as a creative, entertaining way to integrate science, math, language and art.

“The students are always very excited when they engage in activities that are not only educational, but fun, exciting and interesting,” said Jackie Pierce, a third-grade teacher. “Activities that stimulate all the senses really bring everything they learn together and make the learning experience more meaningful.”

Billboard bounces booze to welcome pupils

E. Rivers Elementary School staffers attending a field day in April were unhappy to see a liquor store ad on a CBS Outdoor billboard near the school.

“All of our kids were out for field day, and we noticed up on the street there was a big old liquor ad. We thought that was less than appropriate,” Principal David White said.

White contacted Brent Wood, local general manager of CBS Outdoor, and asked him to have the sign removed. The company didn’t know the sign was by a school, White said.

“Mr. Wood agreed with me that it wasn’t an appropriate thing for the kids to look at and agreed to take it down by the start of school,” he said.

“What I didn’t know was that he would be so generous as to welcome our kids back. So that was an unexpected perk, and our kids are thrilled by the sign. They think it’s really cool that such a large billboard is up for them.”

Lovett School to host Latin American program

The Lovett School is hosting consuls from seven Latin American countries on campus for a panel discussion Friday, Sept. 26, in honor of National Hispanic Heritage Month.

The seven consuls will be speaking to Lovett juniors and seniors in an effort to introduce their countries to the students. They will be discussing topics relevant to current events, such as the country’s capital, immigration and the economy.

The consuls attending are: Carlos Layus, Argentina, Camilo De Bedout, Colombia, Patricia Elena Boezio, Ecuador, Asdrúbal Aguilar Zepeda, El Salvador, Beatriz Illescas, Guatemala, Salvador de Lara, Mexico, and Julio Alvarez, Perú.