North Springs Charter High School is now officially North Springs Charter High School.

The Fulton County Board of Education approved amendments to the Sandy Springs school’s charter at the board work session Oct. 7. The main amendment was to change the attendance policy to create three levels: primary, for students who live in North Springs’ attendance zone; secondary, for other Fulton County students; and tertiary, for Georgia students outside the Fulton school system.

Primary-level students have priority. If the school has space, secondary-level students will be admitted. If the school still has space, tertiary-level students will be accepted, on the condition that they provide their own transportation and can reimburse Fulton County for the cost of their education.

School board President Julia Bernath, who represents Sandy Springs, told parents at her community meeting Oct. 8 at Sandy Springs Middle School that the reimbursement amount is $6,040.

The new North Springs attendance policy mirrors the policy at Riverwood International Charter School, the other public high school in Sandy Springs. Bernath said they are the only Fulton schools that have established a cost-reimbursement attendance policy.

Since it was amending the charter, North Springs also sought and received approval for two minor changes. One alters the stated frequency of the school’s adviser/advisee program from twice a week to once a week, reflecting the actual practice. The other changes the school’s name.

Although the school has been known as North Springs Charter High School, “charter” wasn’t officially part of the name. Now it is.