City actions belie words

To the editor:

I read with great interest your articles “Epstein is granted its withdrawal” and “City doesn’t always stick with plan for zoning” in the Jan. 23 issue of the Sandy Springs Reporter.

Of particular note was the comment by a school neighbor, Ann Feldman: “The residents of Sandy Springs need to know that they can rely on their mayor and City Council to protect their neighborhoods.” Unfortunately, I think the city’s residents got their answer to that question on Aug. 19 when the City Council approved the construction of a high school football stadium, in the middle of a residential neighborhood, by a private high school located miles away, not even within the city of Sandy Springs.

For the record, only two council members, Karen Meinzen McEnerny and Doug MacGinnitie, voted to protect the neighborhoods and adhere to the city’s comprehensive plan. The other four council members and our mayor removed any doubt about standing guard over the citizens’ homesteads and their stance on these two issues.

Ron Beerman

P.S.: Congratulations to the Sandy Springs Reporter, and thank you for two years of true service to the residents of this area.

A ‘nobody’ who wants recycling

The following letter was sent to Sandy Springs Mayor Eva Galambos.

The Sandy Springs Reporter on Jan. 9 quotes you saying, “It makes you wonder why bother to recycle if nobody wants it.”

Mayor, really? Nobody? Then I must not be writing you this letter. I can promise you that if I asked just at my school who wants recycling centers in Sandy Springs, everyone would agree.

I know the economy is bad right now, but taking away recycling centers is not the answer. Do you realize that in just a few years this world will be too hot to even step outside our doors?

If you think about it, if we don’t recycle now, our money will be going out the door for cooling bills for our 100-degree living rooms.

If Sandy Springs stops recycling, other cities could say, “Sandy Springs did it, so can we.”

To help with the problem, I will set up a group of people who can volunteer at the recycling center. I also can set up a fundraiser to encourage people to recycle more.

Marissa Oves, 12
sixth grade, Epstein School