By Amy Wenk

Sidewalks are coming from all directions in Sandy Springs.

The City Council on July 21 approved a list of projects for fiscal 2010 and addressed two concerns, sidewalk width and land acquisition.

The budget allocates $3.825 million to complete sidewalks within a half-mile of schools and will begin addressing gaps on arterial and collector roads in Sandy Springs.

Included in the program are sidewalks at Ridgeview Middle, Spalding Charter Elementary, North Springs Charter High and Ison Springs Elementary schools. Lake Forest Elementary School maintains funds from the 2008 and 2009 budgets, although sidewalk construction has not started.

Another project highlight comes along Mount Vernon Highway at the Sandy Springs Library, where sidewalks will replace the informal path worn into the landscape by bookworms and others. The Sandy Springs Tennis Center will also become more accessible as sidewalks will be built along Abernathy Road.

Sidewalk projects are chosen based on criteria like accessibility to schools, parks, commercial centers and major transit stops; connectivity to the street system; ability to close gaps between existing sidewalks; and constructability in terms of curb and gutter conditions.

Roswell Road will see its share of sidewalk action this year through capital projects and federal funding. Three streetscape projects will begin to construct sidewalks on Roswell Road from Cliftwood to Hammond drives, from Abernathy to Johnson Ferry roads and from I-285 to Atlanta.

Community Development Block Grant funds will finance sidewalks on Roswell Road from Darlymple to Roberts Drive. The council awarded Mulkey Engineers and Consultants July 21 the approximately $400,000 contract to complete the project design.