To the editor:

I read the recent article published in the Sandy Springs Reporter in which North Springs Charter High School was misrepresented. The statistics indicated that North Springs students scored an average SAT score that was below that of Riverwood. These numbers are not a true representation of North Springs’ competence in these areas. … North Springs students last year were given a chance to waive the SAT fee that the college board charges one time if the student is receiving free or reduced lunch. This was part of a positive initiative by North Springs to encourage more of the student body to take the SAT. However, since students only got to take the SAT once, they were unable to improve their scores, which happens as a result of multiple testing. North Springs this year will be targeting these economically disadvantaged students to make sure that they have access to free or reduced SAT tutoring in addition to having the ability to waive the SAT fee.

I understand that the Reporter was making to compare local schools, but it failed to capture the true picture of what initiatives these schools have taken and the positive steps they are taking for their student body. I look forward to seeing these schools better represented in the future.

Michael Berger, student body president

North Springs Charter High School