“What would you do to make your school better?”

“I would involve magnet and non-magnet students in more collaborative projects so they’re not two separate categories.”
Ayana Brimmage, North Springs Charter High School

“People often say ‘you must be foreign,’ when I tell them I go to Atlanta International School, but plenty of students here were born and raised in the U.S. In fact, 50 percent of the student body is American. Perhaps it’s the name or the diverse community that gives AIS such a reputation around Atlanta, but we should let the community know that we do not attend a school just for foreign students.”
Dina Goodman, Senior, Atlanta International School

“I really like Lovett, but I would wish we had chapel and assemblies more regularly.”
Conner Green, Senior, Lovett School

“I would improve the diversity and diversity awareness programs at my school. While vast improvements are being made, I think that most prep schools can do a better job with their diversity programs.”
Austin Holland, Sophomore, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School

“I wish administrators were more accessible, efficient and just friendlier.”
Lauren Kolodkin, North Springs Charter High School

“I would improve the school to make it more environmentally friendly. There are different lights we can use that use less energy, and we can recycle more.”
Beatrisa Latifi, Sophomore, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School

“I wish we had a wider range of advanced science classes, like an AP Psychology class. I’m a science person.”
Julia Lynch, Senior, Marist School

“Riverwood is one of the most diverse schools in all of the state of Georgia. We represent over 40 different countries and multiple native tongues, religions, and cultures. I would implement more cultural awareness forums and celebrations to give my peers an outlet for experiencing the true meaning of a ‘Global Thinker’ both inside and outside the classroom.”
Jenine McKoy, Senior, Riverwood International Charter School

“I wish that if students had above an 85 average in their classes they could have the option to take their exams or not.”
Linden Mills, Junior, Lovett School

“I wish there was a wider variety of opinions and viewpoints among the Marist student body.”
Ashton Moss, Senior, Marist School

“I would like longer lunches, because 20 minutes for lunch is unrealistic. I also wish we had a better traffic system getting in to campus.”
Katie Neel, Senior, Marist School

“I would like it if the students had more input on what we have for lunch.”
Aviya Payne, Junior, Lovett School

“I would actually ask students before the schedule gets changed around again.”
Leighton Rowell, North Springs Charter High School

“Atlanta International School is very focused on academics, but the school also does a great job of supporting students in accomplishing academic goals in tandem with athletic goals. We actually have several students and teams who have participated at the state level in various sports this year, including the varsity volleyball team, swimming and cross country. I’d like to see the school work to support and promote our athletics and schedules to the public as well as continue to work on building the athletics program so that students have even more options.”
Lindsey Sanborn, Junior, Atlanta International School

“I think that in our fine arts department, the musicians could have a lot more performance opportunities.”
Wick Simmons, Freshman, Holy Innocents’ Episcopal School

“I would make greater efforts to break down the separation between groups that we experience each day.  Maybe, it is sitting with someone different at lunch or even just saying hello to someone different in the hallway, but little by little I would work to make this great environment better.”
Daniel Szvarca, Senior, Riverwood International Charter School

“In my opinion, my school could benefit by designing a program that truly motivates its students to achieve academically, aside from taking higher-level courses. I am a fan of getting cupcakes for being on the honor roll, but I think that it is imperative for the school to reach out to those who are struggling and provide them with an incentive to do well.  I think that we should encourage those who need it but also reward those who deserve it. If I could change an aspect on my school, I would like to see more students wanting to do well and being rewarded for this pursuit.”
Meredith Toman, Senior, Riverwood International Charter School