To the editor:

I just read your piece on Ms. Wills’ story and the BZA (Board of Zoning Appeals) approval (“Tree damage leads to odd NPU tie vote on variance,” page 1, Buckhead Reporter, Jan. 29-Feb. 13).
I think it is a terrible precedent to allow new construction close to the lot lines of these in-town neighborhoods in such a circumstance. It hardly seems to constitute a hardship to want to add a “second” garage and an enclosed master suite.
People buy in these Buckhead neighborhoods with the hope that they will remain consistent with the values that made them attractive in the first place. The approval by the zoning committee and the BZA seems to be wholly consistent with individual interests (I do not think it’s a right, given the zoning restrictions in place) at the expense of the interests of the greater group (notwithstanding neighbors’ approval, which then impacts other neighbors via precedent).
I wish the BZA, NPUs and zoning committees would pay greater heed to the wishes of the neighborhood associations. After all, they are in a much better position to understand unique neighborhood issues while seeking a consistent application of the zoning laws.
Why not consider an article exploring any change in viewpoint in the NPUs, zoning committee and BZA over the recent past. What changed about the makeup? Viewpoints? Background of members?
Thanks for the report.

Joel Hughey