The Dunwoody City Council put its support behind allowing students who are currently within the city’s school footprint to stay in it.

The vote, which occurred at the council’s regular meeting Jan. 24, was its first step into a controversial plan to redistrict DeKalb County’s schools.

Before the council took the step, it moved back. Originally, the resolution it drafted called for maintaining magnet programs at the current school locations.

Northern DeKalb County includes Kittredge Elementary School, which only offers a magnet program. Chamblee High and Middle schools also offer magnet programs for high-achieving students.

The council resolution, which passed unanimously, was supported by council members with some reservations. Councilwomen Adrian Bonser, for her part, said that the council was not “the proper forum” to weigh on the school district’s proposal.

The resolution states that the council supports “establish(ing) a redistricting plan that maintains Dunwoody students within the Dunwoody cluster throughout elementary, middle and high school levels.”