The new Publix on Peachtree Road will be larger than the average Publix and offer several extra features, including more organic and natural foods; a wider array of health products; a cafe; and curbside service.

The Brookhaven Publix won’t be just your average supermarket.

The store, set to open April 21 in the Town Brookhaven development on Peachtree Road, will be just the second Publix in the country to offer an expanded line of organic and specialty products, Publix spokeswoman Brenda Reid said.

“This store is a very unique looking store, it doesn’t look like our other stores,” Reid said. “It will have a cafe, so you will be able to come in and get gelatos, coffees, teas; there’s Wi-Fi there where you can work and have your coffee in the morning or lunch in the afternoon.”

Reid said the Brookhaven Publix will have a focus on organic and all-natural products alongside traditional grocery items.

“This store is going to be a 54,000-square foot store. It’s about 10,000 square feet larger than our traditional stores,” Reid said.

Reid said almost every department within the store will have an interesting feature.

Along with meats, the deli will offer a selection of olives and hummus and include more than 200 varieties of artisan cheeses.

The new store will also have hot prepared meals and a salad and soup bar.

“But the department that is really unique that isn’t available in other stores is the vitamins, minerals and supplements, called our body care department,” Reid said.

A health information kiosk will be located by the pharmacy to provide information about the natural health care products.

Reid said the store will also have curbside service, which allows customers to shop online for groceries and schedule a time to pick up their order.

“Curbside is a convenience we offer to our customers who are just so busy they don’t have time to come into the store and shop,” Reid said. “When you pull up to the curb, we will come out, take your credit card, swipe it … we’ll put the groceries in your car and you can drive off.”

Reid said the finishing touches are being put on the store to prepare for the April 21 opening.

“It’s a very unique model for Publix, and that’s why we are so excited about it,” Reid said.