Pack the kids’ backpacks and lunches, because school is back in Fulton County on Monday, Aug. 15.

Sandy Springs students will see some new faces this year.

The biggest change is the new school Superintendent, Robert Avossa, who will start his first official year with the school system. He’ll manage a school system with a projected enrollment of nearly 93,000 students, which the school system reports is a 1,000 student increase over the previous year.

The system will also have 400 newly hired teachers, the school system reports. There will be leadership changes at the local level, with 19 new principals thoughout the school system. In Sandy Springs, Amy Gamble is the new principal at Woodland Elementary.

“We are just really excited about the upcoming school year. We have been working throughout the summer to roll out some new initiatives that we’re really excited about,” Gamble said. “One area we’re really going to focus on is writing. We’re going to put in a writer’s workshop block in every classroom. Every student will have a time dedicated daily to writing instruction, about 45 minutes.”

Gamble said Woodland is adding 21 new teachers.

“They’re energetic and enthusiastic. They’re not all new to teaching, but new to Woodland,” she said. “We are just looking forward to a great year and continuing the tradition of excellence that has been here at Woodland.”

Dan Whisenhunt wrote for Reporter Newspapers from 2011 - 2014. He is the founder and editor of