The Dunwoody City Council discussed amending its alcohol ordinance to allow growlers – the trendy glass containers used for packaging craft beers – at its March 26 meeting.

Mayor Mike Davis told the council at its last meeting that the city’s alcohol regulations were written with large beer companies in mind, and did not address the craft breweries that are becoming more popular. Several businesses around the city would like to be able to sell beer in growlers, he said.

City Attorney Brian Anderson suggested  allowing the sale of growlers to businesses with a full service kitchen and a permit to serve alcohol on site as well as stores that get 75 percent of their sales from beer and wine. The ordinance would exclude package stores that sell liquor.

The convoluted way the ordinance is written is in part to try to prevent dance clubs from opening in the city, Anderson said.

“We  believe most undesirable businesses would want to sell hard liquor,” Anderson said.