To the editor:

When the discussions first began about starting a city of Brookhaven, I read the articles simply because I live nearby and I was interested. At the time, I felt it was a mistake because another layer of government was being added and that almost always means more taxes and less freedom for the citizens.

However, I did not attend any of the meetings because all of the articles mentioned that ZIP code 30319 was involved and the description of the territory being covered seemed to go south of my street.

Then, about a month before the bill went on the floor of the House of Representatives, I found out that the boundaries had changed considerably and now these people wanting to make a new city were including some of ZIP code 30341. Now it became personal.

There has never been any wish on my part, nor on the part of any of my neighbors, to become a part of the city of Brookhaven. Yes, I have talked with my neighbors and asked them. None of us were ever polled in any way to see if we were interested in this big game being played by some people who apparently want positions of power, such as mayor, city councilman, CFO, etc.

All of those positions will demand high salaries, I am sure.

Sandy Springs seems to be having trouble getting their fire department and police department up to par. How will Brookhaven handle this? Will we, the citizens, now have to line up for garbage and trash pickup?

All in all, I feel like I’ve been run over with a steam roller by the Brookhaven Yes group, who has never once asked my opinion on this.

Jessica G. Carpenter