To the editor:

I suspect I am not typical, but I am an apartment dweller and have lived in a few (primarily on Roswell Road, in what is now Sandy Springs) for all 46 years I have been in Atlanta. I have been very happy to have so many choices.

In 2004, I selected my “perfect” location and that included a woodsy view from two windows and a balcony. Suddenly one morning, I was rudely awakened by the sound of bulldozers crushing and ripping out nearly all the trees in the woods! For the next six months, I cried a bit each day as the four bulldozers worked, starting each noisy day at 8 a.m., while the landscape disappeared into piles of dirt. Following this were days of construction, leading to a huge (out of proportion with its neighbors) office building.

It has now been nearly four years and the building is still apparently unoccupied. The police patrol the parking lot often, skate boarders delight in its presence daily, and folks from nearby use the lot to play with their dogs and/or go walking away from traffic.

The old apartment complex previously located on a small part of this plot is gone, but at what price?

My point? Please address this increase in crime with a solution that does not cause more harm than good. Thank you.

Gail Fore