Strawberry pizza? Well, why not?

During field day, students at Chesnut Elementary School got a taste of strawberry-and-fresh-mint pizza courtesy of the school’s ecology club, the Chesnut Changers.

They also had a chance to try pizza topped with locally produced arugula and onions, said club co-sponsor Angela Renals.

“We were really excited because our first year we were able to do something that really got people’s attention,” Renals said. “This is a really cool culminating project.”

Renals estimated that about 500 students and staff had a chance to try a bite. The pizzas were produced with locally grown product and paid for through a $2,300 grant intended to fight obesity.

“The kids first went for the strawberries, then while they were at it, they tried the other ,” she said.

And, she admits, some adults were spotted picking the arugula from their pizza slices before chowing down.