Several major improvements are coming to Dunwoody’s roads.

The Dunwooody City Council recently approved designs and construction bids for projects on some of Dunwoody’s busiest streets.

Public Works Director Michael Smith explains what’s happening.

Tilly Mill Road at North Peachtree Intersection

Smith said the contract has been approved and the final design for the intersection should be complete by the end of 2012.

Construction likely will not begin until mid-2013.

“In the city’s budget, the design has been funded, but construction has not. We’ll probably have to make a request in 2013,” Smith said. “We think it could happen in 2013, but it depends on funds being allocated.”

Smith said the purpose of the project, which will add traffic lights and turn lanes, is to reduce congestion and delay at the busy intersection.

“The origin of this project is the city’s transportation plan,” Smith said. “We looked at a number of projects around the city and identified ones that have excessive delays and congestion or will in the next five to 20 years. Those were prioritized for improvements. It was one of the top-tier priorities from a transportation standpoint.”

Womack Road at Vermack Road Intersection Design

City Council approved the contract for the concept design at this intersection on May 29. Smith said the design is scheduled to be complete by the end of 2012.

Smith said the intersection is at the center of several schools, which contributes to the congestion.

“There’s the high school and then two elementary schools and Georgia Perimeter College. Not only do you have normal morning and evening rush hour, you have arrival and dismissal for all those schools, so that area does get very congested,” Smith said.

The city is still considering what the changes would look like, Smith said.

“There’s enough traffic that we needed something more than a four-way stop. We’re looking at a roundabout as one alternative and we’re also looking at a standard traffic light with turning lanes,” Smith said.

2012 Paving Schedule

Dunwoody is set to pave sections of some of its major roads this year as part of its five-year paving plan. On the list are Chamblee-Dunwoody Road, Mount Vernon Road, Winters Chapel Road, Perimeter Center East, Spalding Drive and Ashford Center Parkway. The paving schedule also includes 16 neighborhood roads.

Smith said the city is waiting for state funding and will likely begin paving in July. Paving is scheduled to last about two months.

“We’re putting more money on paving this year,” Smith said. “Last year we spent about $2 million, this year the budget is $2.55 million for paving.”

Smith said the City Council has put an emphasis on paving since Dunwoody became a city in 2008.

“It’s just a priority of the council’s to improve the condition of our streets and catch up on some of the paving that wasn’t done prior to the city incorporating,” Smith said.