Adrian Bonser
Adrian Bonser

By Chuck Stanley

Dunwoody City Councilwoman Adrian Bonser wants the city to pay lawyers’ fees arising from the ethics complaint filed against her by other members of the council.

“This is all in the line of duty as a result of our position as City Council members,” Bonser told the other councilors during their meeting July 9. “I would like to suggest that we consider allowing each council member to acquire counsel for themselves.”

Mayor Mike Davis and the five other members of Dunwoody City Council filed an ethics complaint against Bonser based on an outside investigation that found Bonser was a source of leaked information from a closed council meeting.

Bonser, in turn, filed ethics complaints against the others, accusing them of wrongly closing the meeting.

Dunwoody City Attorney Cecil McClendon expressed doubt that Bonser’s situation would qualify for the city to cover her legal fees. He said that her alleged leak occurred outside of the scope of her duties as a member of council.

However, he stopped short of giving a decisive opinion, indicating he would have to do more  research in order to give an informed opinion.

Councilman Douglas Thompson sided with Bonser. “Quite frankly, I don’t see how me going into meetings, into executive sessions, what Adrian is alleged to have done and what Adrian alleges that we’ve done is anything other than within the scope of my duties and not in my personal capacity,” he said.