Sandy Springs is making news again. A July 28 edition of The Economist, a weekly newspaper focusing on news and international coverage, highlighted the city and its unique model of outsourcing most of its services.

The article appears under the headline “Here’s how to do it” and calls the city’s model “an experiment in radical outsourcing.”

“Already the city is in rude financial health,” the article says. “Mr. (John) McDonough estimates its rainy-day fund at $21 million, and boasts that the city spends around one-fifth of its annual budget on capital projects.”

Sandy Springs City Manager John McDonough at the Sandy Springs Rotary Club

To read the full article from The Economist, click here.

The article hits a lot of the same notes as a story that appeared in The New York Times at the end of June, examining the unique model while giving attention to critics who say Sandy Springs is part of a movement to create a separate wealthy and white enclave of northern Fulton County residents from southern residents.

To read the The Times article, click here.

Dan Whisenhunt

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