School is here again. Parents on Monday, Aug. 6, packed lunches, loaded up backpacks and sent their children on their way to local schools for the first day of the new year, a day that seems to come earlier and earlier.

Phil Mosier, with the Buckhead Reporter,  went to Warren T. Jackson Elementary  the morning of Aug. 6 and captured some interesting moments as the students came back to class and got ready to learn.

Lizath Baltazar registers for Warren T. Jackson Elementary. Her Mother Blanca Baltazar assists with her older sister Amy Cruze looking on.
Principal, Dr. Lorraine Reich greats students and parents.
Twin brothers, Colton Gardner, 6 years, and Conner Gardner, 6 years, wait for their bus to go up the road to Warren T. Jackson Elementary Primary School on Northside Drive.

For more photos check out the Aug. 10 edition of the Buckhead Reporter.

Dan Whisenhunt

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