The Georgia Council of Municipal Cout Judges recently elected Sandy Springs’ Jim Anderson to serve as its president elect for 2012.

Anderson, who was first appointed to the city’s municipal court in 2005, also serves as a Fulton County magistrate judge, according to a city press release.

“In his capacity as President Elect, Judge Anderson will serve as a voting member of the Judicial Council of Georgia, which is comprised of representatives of each class of courts in Georgia, including the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, Superior, State, Probate and Magistrate Courts,” the city’s press release says. “The Judicial Council is the general oversight body created by the Georgia Supreme Court.”

The press release says the council, made up of all municipal court judges in Georgia, was created by the state Legislature to improve municipal courts and to provide assistance to judges.

“As a member of the Council’s Executive Committee, Judge Anderson serves as chairman of the Council’s Uniform Rules Committee and acts as the Council’s representative to the Judicial Council of Georgia’s Recusal Committee,” the city’s press release says.

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