Former public works director Kevin Walter.

City contractor URS Corporation on Oct. 5 announced a restructuring of its public works department to reduce the number of managers and replace the department’s director, Kevin Walter.

Walter took over the department last year.

In a press release the city said Garrin Coleman is now interim director. City spokeswoman Sharon Kraun said Walter’s last day with the city was Oct. 5.

“We are committed to providing the city with the highest quality of service and have made the changes in staff to ensure that we best address the city’s needs in the most efficient manner possible,” said Don Harris, P.E., Vice President and Office Manager, URS Corporation said in the press release.

City Manger John McDonough said the changes will benefit the city.

“URS briefed the City on their proposed changes, and we believe they will provide a positive impact especially in the areas of stormwater and delivery of our capital improvement projects,” McDonough said in the press release.

City Councilwoman Karen Meinzen McEnerny said the restructuring is an example of the benefits of Sandy Springs’ public private partnership model. The city outsources most of its services.

“We’re flattening the organization,” McEnerny said. “It’s a great example of how public works contracts offer us that flexibility.”

URS said it will put more employees in the field, in addition to reducing management staff in Sandy Springs.

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