An Atlanta Public Schools spokesman has confirmed that the school system’s internal compliance office is investigating allegations of grade changing at North Atlanta High.

Spokesman Stephen Alford said he could not offer specifics about the investigation, and said grade changing generally “can be anything from changing a kids grade on a test score. It can be a final grade on a report card.”

District 4 Board of Education Member Nancy Meister, who represents Buckhead, said she had heard about the investigations from parents and teachers but is not privy to any of the details.

The revelation of the investigation comes after the controversial decision to reassign North Atlanta’s leadership team and remove former principal Mark MyGrant. School officials made the changes on the afternoon of Oct. 5, a Friday, enraging parents and Buckhead residents.

After the removal, School Superintendent Erroll Davis said the decision was a response to poor academic performance at the school and said the school was in danger of a takeover by the state. But the state Department of Education disputed that claim, saying it had no plans to seize the school.

Prior to MyGrant’s removal, school board Chairman Reuben McDaniel probed allegations of “institutional racism” at the school according to emails obtained by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

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