From police reports dated Oct. 23 through Oct. 29
The following information was provided to the Buckhead Reporter by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

2000 block of Bolton Road N.W. On Oct. 25, victim entered the location to pay for her gas. While inside, a male suspect entered her vehicle. Victim saw and ran out the door to stop him. She approached vehicle and was dragged by the car as the suspect fled the location.

2000 block of Peachtree Road N.E. On Oct. 28, victims were walking through the parking lot when a male subject approached them. The male flashed a handgun and demanded they surrender their possessions including $200 and a watch.

800 block of Sidney Marcus Boulevard. On Oct. 29, an armed robbery and aggravated assault arrest were reported.

600 block of Amsterdam Avenue. On Oct. 25, victim said he met the suspect at a party a few days prior. He claimed they became involved in a fight and the suspect snatched his phone and ran.

Aggravated Assault
400 block of Northside Circle. On Oct. 25, a woman became involved in a verbal dispute with her boyfriend, during which he grabbed her by the neck and arm and threw her backward down the stairs. Victim sustained visible bruising.

1400 block of Northside Drive. On the early morning of Oct. 29, while drinking at a bar, victims were involved in a physical altercation. They were trying to get another friend to leave when a chair was pulled out and from beneath one of them and they became involved in fight.

2400 block of Pine Tree Road. On the early morning of Oct. 29, an Uber driver was trying to pick up a fare when a male suspect approached the window with a gun. The victim was able to evade the suspect, who fired two shots at him.

Residential Burglary
1700 block of Warren Court. On Oct. 24, a Sony TV was stolen from a home after a rear window was forced to gain entry.

200 block of Blanton Road. On Oct. 26, a burglar jimmied a rear window and stole silver, watches, a jewelry box, cash, and alcohol. Fingerprints collected.

1200 block of Mount Paran Road. On Oct. 26, a burglar entered a home with no force. Jewelry discovered missing from the location.

900 block of Huff Road. On Oct. 24, a heavy-set black male stole a bicycle from a home. Victim pursued the suspect who ditched the bike but took the victim’s wallet.

3000 block of Peachtree Park Drive. On Oct. 29, an Apple laptop was stolen from an apartment. No force, door left unlocked. Possible tracking to the laptop.

900 block of Winall Down Road. On Oct. 25, an A/C unit was stolen from a residence under construction.

1100 block of Lavista Road N.E. On Oct. 23, miscellaneous shoes and an AR-15 stolen from an apartment with no signs of forced entry.

Commercial Burglary
2115 Monroe Drive. At an unknown time, a storage unit was forced into and miscellaneous gardening tools, a wedding dress, rocking horse and antique items were stolen.

Between Oct. 23 and Oct. 29, there were 59 larcenies from vehicles reported and 43 reported cases of larceny and shoplifting.

Auto Theft
There were 15 reports of auto theft between Oct. 23 and Oct. 29.