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The AJC is reporting that former Georgia Gov. Roy Barnes and a team lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit against Atlanta-based Equifax over the massive data breach that has compromised the personal information of 143 million U.S. consumers.

The lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Atlanta faults Equifax for “gargantuan failures to secure and safeguard consumers’ personally identifiable information … and for failing to provide timely, accurate and adequate notice” to consumers that such sensitive material had been stolen.

The lawsuit said plaintiffs Brian F. Spector, of Florida, and James McGonnigal, of Maryland, are each victims of the breach. McGonnigal alleges he has “recently had four credit accounts opened in his name without his authorization.”

Experts are calling the data breach one of the largest in history with hackers now having access to names, social security numbers, birthdates, addresses and some driver’s license numbers.

Angering consumers is that the hack, which apparently began in May, was discovered on July 29, but not announced to the public until Sept. 7.

Equifax has created a website,, for consumers to see if their information is at risk and is offering freed credit monitoring. However, some experts are warning people not to use the monitoring until Equifax removes a clause that appears to strip consumers of the right to sue the company or join a class action lawsuit.

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11 replies on “Update: Class-action lawsuit filed against Equifax for security breach”

  1. i just wonder how many more times they breached our information beings that the website has 2017 in it–have they done it before? I would like to join the lawsuit—how do i do that?

  2. We would like to join this class action suit. There are significant discrepancies between what a creditor is reporting and what the agency is reporting between our credit score and FICO score. What a horrific disgrace this is. Senior Equifax executives sold their stock in their company before it was announced that we the public have been sincerely fleeced by a major corporation again!!!

  3. if you go to their web site to find out if your information was stolen and you enter any letters for your name and any 6 numbers you get the same response. They want you to sign up for their free credit monitoring. They are just trying to get as many people as possible to sign up. TRY IT.

  4. I’ would like to join in the class action lawsuit I’m here in Las Vegas NV.because it is absolute ZERO respond from Equifax since Sept is Sept please can you tell me where and how to sing up for the class action lawsuit . They have paid somehow to handle 143 million people very sensitive and so personal information, Your driver License # SS # your address, credit card inf.everything you whole f.lifeis out. Thank you very much, Z.

  5. I live in Florida. My personal information is potentially threatened by the Equifax breach. I have signed up for protection by Equifax but I also am paying Life Lock $19.99 per month to protect me. Even though my information has not been used yet by thieves can I join the class action lawsuit?

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