The Sandy Springs City Council debated two options for new control of fireworks use that is allowed under a new state law that took effect July 1.

City Attorney Dan Lee told the council at its July 17 meeting that there are two main options for enforcing the new controls: requiring police officers to use decibel readers to determine if a person is violating the noise ordinance, or requiring residents to receive a permit to use fireworks.

The days exempt from the restriction include Memorial Day, Labor Day, July 3 and 4 and New Year’s Eve. The law’s lead sponsor was state Rep. Deborah Silcox, who represents Sandy Springs.

Police Chief Ken DeSimone told the council that using the decibel readers is more expensive for the police and requires officers to arrive in time to capture the fireworks noise.

Requiring permits would put less strain on the police, but Councilmember Tibby DeJulio took issue with requiring residents to go through a possibly arduous process for what should be a “spontaneous” and celebratory decision.

The council asked city staff to come back to the next meeting with recommendations for a permitting process, which could include a fee.