Classic of Atlanta, based at 7700 Roswell Road, is proposing to renovate and expand its smaller sister-site at 7799 Roswell Road. (Google Earth)

A car dealership on the Sandy Springs’ north end is proposing to expand its parking lot and renovate its showroom, in part for preparation to sell an electric vehicle line. The company is also proposing to save space for a multi-use trail on the site to be used as part of the Sandy Springs Conservancy’s plan.

Car dealerships on the north end were once prohibited from expanding, but a controversial 2016 change again allowed them to do so. The area is currently home to several dealerships and is the subject of specially-created task force to propose redevelopment and “revitalization” ideas.

Classic of Atlanta, an existing franchise for new Cadillac, Subaru and Karma vehicles located at 7700 Roswell Road, is proposing to renovate and expand its smaller, closely located sister-site at 7799 Roswell Road, according to its application.

The company would renovate the 3,500 square foot one-story showroom building and expand an existing parking lot from approximately 75 parking spaces to approximately 220 parking spaces, the application said. The expansion is proposed in part to be place to sell high-end electric vehicle line Karma, according to the application.

A rendering shows the dealership’s plan to renovate the showroom. (Classic of Atlanta)

The dealership is seeking three variances to design around an existing creek setback and easements held by Georgia Power and Colonial Pipeline Company.

The company can’t install shade trees on some traffic islands, remove a guardrail for streetscaping or establish additional greenspace due to these constraints, it said in its application.

“The redevelopment of an outdated existing automobile dealership into an attractive high-line dealership is an opportunity to wash a low quality, obsolete commercial property and rejuvenate it with a cutting edge automotive retail attraction that meets the city’s development code in all ways where possible,” its application said.

The company proposes to save room for a 15-foot multi-use trail to be used for the Sandy Springs Conservancy’s plan that would eventually connect Morgan Falls to Dunwoody, according to the application.

City staff supports that trail proposal and recommends conditions that the company also provide 14-feet of seating along the trail, according the staff report. It also recommends the company comply with streetscape standards where it can along the southern half and plant the required island trees in other areas.

The application is set to go before the Board of Appeals Aug. 14 meeting. The meeting will be held at 6 p.m. in City Hall, 1 Galambos Way.