The city has delayed the opening of a splash pad at City Springs, due to construction issues.

The aim was to open the water feature by the first “Movies by Moonlight” event on Aug. 24, but it has been furthered delayed, city spokesperson Sharon Kraun said. The hope now is to open it by the movie event on Sept. 7, although that is not confirmed, Kraun said in an email.

“Residents have been understanding, and I know we’re all looking forward to the interactive fountains coming online,” she said.

Meanwhile, the city is trying to prevent people from entering the three water fountains in City Springs, due to safety concerns, Kraun said.

“Thus far, City Springs staff have been talking with residents, requesting that they enjoy the fountains from a visual perspective to ensure that all enjoy City Springs safely,” she said. “While the fountains are inviting, they were designed for visual enjoyment, not for playtime.”