The city of Atlanta denied Sandy Springs’ accusations about water system operation, saying the allegations are “untrue and irresponsible.” Sandy Springs has argued that Atlanta has artificially inflated its water rates and may be misusing bond funds.

“A narrative of poor service on hydrant leaks and water main breaks is being peddled as a basis for purchasing the water system the city of Atlanta owns outright,” city of Atlanta spokesperson Michael Smith said in a written statement.

“To disparage and make inaccurate assumptions regarding the use of water and sewer revenues based upon information obtained in open records requests, without a clear understanding of the business operations of the utility, is an obvious attempt to lay a misleading foundation for an argument to challenge the Atlanta rate structure and ownership of the system,” Smith said.

Smith also said, “The city has used revenues appropriately and any assertions to the contrary are both unfounded and reckless. The presentations, assessments and conclusions drawn by consultants retained by Sandy Springs are incorrect and irresponsible. Their assertions, as presented to Sandy Springs officials, demonstrate a lack of expertise in water utility finance, a lack of understanding of the material they have requested and are an obvious attempt to continue a false narrative.”