The Sandy Springs City Council approved a special use permit Nov. 18 for a storage unit facility on Carpenter Drive. But the site plan for the development has not yet been approved, and city planning staff says it needs some changes.

The 500-unit, three-story facility, with two additional floors below ground, would be built at 400 and 0 Carpenter Drive near I-285. Masoud Zahedi, the owner of the property, said he has been working on this proposal for years after having other developments not receive city support.

The permit allows a storage unit facility to be built on the lot, but doesn’t require it. Zahedi will have to bring a site plan back to the city for approval.

City planning staff has concerns about the feasibility of the current design, including about parking, loading, runoff reduction, architecture and design standards and ADA accessibility, among others.

Zahedi said he has the neighbors support and said he believed the site plan works well.

“I think I have thought of everything,” he said.

Councilmember Andy Bauman added to conditions to the permit that would require the Carpenter Drive facing side of the building to be covered with masonry and to reduce light pollution into the nearby residential neighborhoods.

The permit was unanimously approved.

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