The following crime information is provided via the Sandy Springs Week in Review Report for the week ending Dec. 21.

North District Crime: The unit reported six entering autos, which occurred primarily at apartment complexes. One burglary was reported at a storage unit at an apartment community.

South District Crime: The unit reported 10 entering-auto incidents. There was one attempted robbery of a pedestrian in the area of Roswell Road and I-285. A suspect was apprehended and arrested. There was one burglary reported at a multiunit housing building on Hammond Drive, where a package room was unlawfully entered.

Street Crimes Unit (SCU): The unit reported six felony arrests, two misdemeanor arrests and three city arrests. The unit conducted 20 traffic stops, issued five citations, located five wanted persons, and made seven field contacts. The unit investigated nine suspicious persons/vehicles, conducted one vehicle search, worked two drug complaints and conducted 36 surveillance hours. The unit conducted five knock-and-talks and seized 11 grams of marijuana and 1 gram of heroin. The unit worked an entering auto detail at several points along Roswell Road. The unit assisted the DeKalb County Police Department K-9 unit with a security detail at a veterinary hospital. A suspicious person wanted on three outstanding warrants was arrested. An individual wanted on an outstanding warrant was arrested related to drugs. The unit provided patrol assistance related to threatening calls to Dunwoody Springs Elementary School.

Traffic Unit: The unit made one felony arrest and six misdemeanor arrests; conducted 88 traffic stops; and issued 98 citations. The unit made two DUI and four traffic arrests.

K-9 Unit: The unit reported one felony arrest and one misdemeanor arrest; conducted 11 traffic stops; and issued nine traffic citations. The unit worked two suspicious persons/vehicle calls, and conducted two K-9 tracks and nine K-9 searches. The unit worked eight drug complaints, conducted six knock-and-talks, and issued six search warrants. The unit seized 8 pounds of marijuana, 1,855 grams of THC oil, and $82,697 in cash. The unit assisted with two FedEx parcel sniffs and seized 325 grams of marijuana, 27 hash sticks, 1,855 grams of marijuana edibles and 74 grams of BHO after a search warrant was executed. Two traffic stops resulted in arrests.

Criminal Investigations Division:

Lockton Place — A victim has recovered all of her property from an entering-auto theft.

5500 block of Roswell Road — A suspect was accused of selecting $91.97 worth of clothing at a store, changing into it, and leaving the store without paying. The accused was a known suspect due to previous arrests and shoplifting convictions, making this case a felony.

Wesley Oak Road — Approximately $186,325 in jewelry, silver bars and silver coins was taken from victim’s unsecured garage during a burglary. The theft is believed to have taken place between the months of September 2018 and December 2018.

5700 block of Roswell Road — Unknown suspects entered two vehicles and took clothing, nursing equipment and a digital camera.

Terroristic Threats — An unknown male called the Dunwoody Springs Elementary school threatening to kill people. The same phone number was used to call approximately nine locations that day, including another police department’s headquarters.