A door of an armored car swung open on I-285 in Dunwoody on July 9, spilling bags of cash onto the interstate and resulting in “money falling from the sky,” according to police. The scene was too much to resist for dozens of motorists who pulled over on the side of the road to grab as many bills as possible.

But that money is not theirs and police are asking people to return the cash as soon as possible. Police say they will face no charges if they do so.

“We understand anyone in that position would be tempted, but we want people to do the right thing and bring the money back so they don’t have to worry about police knocking on their door,” said Dunwoody Police spokesperson Sgt. Robert Parsons.

Roughly $175,000 spilled onto I-285 west in Dunwoody near the Ashford-Dunwoody Road exit, according to Parsons. Police arrived on the scene about 8 p.m. and started collecting what cash they could find with the armored car crew. About $200 was recovered.

Dunwoody Police have collected more than $2,500 in cash that spilled from an armored truck on I-285 on July 9. One man returned $2,094 and another man returned $520. Approximately $175,000 was lost in the spill and police are asking motorists who stopped to pick up some of the cash to return the money. (Dunwoody Police Department)

“That leaves a lot left out there,” Parsons said.

So far, two people have showed up at the Dunwoody Police Department to return the cash they grabbed Tuesday evening. One person returned about $2,000 and another person returned close to $600, Parsons said. The department is hoping others follow suit.

“Certainly, this is a crime and it was obvious the money had fallen out of the truck,” Parsons said. “The money needs to be returned to the owner.”

Parsons said the department received multiple 911 calls about 8 p.m. on Tuesday “about money falling from the sky on 285.” They were also told that many cars were pulled over and people were jumping out and picking bills up from the busy road.

By the time police arrived, all the vehicles were gone, Parsons said. But police have video of the scene that was posted to social media and are reviewing it to identify license plate numbers and vehicle owners.

People can return the money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Parsons added. The police department is located at 4800 Ashford-Dunwoody Road.

Parsons said the armored car crew did not realize they were spilling money onto the interstate until after a car pulled up beside them and shouted at them their door was open.

“It’s just bizarre,” Parsons said. “We’re grateful no one was hit and there were no crashes.”

Dyana Bagby is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers and Atlanta Intown.