Dunwoody is seeking public input on a plan meant to make Chamblee Dunwoody Road more pedestrian and bike friendly. 

“The Village Crossroads Project” runs along Chamblee Dunwoody Road from Womack Road to Roberts Drive, and aims to make the corridor more walkable throughout the area of Dunwoody Village, according to the city’s website. Proposed improvements include wider sidewalks, a cycle track, and an additional northbound turn lane from Chamblee Dunwoody Road onto Mount Vernon Road, according to a city press release.

“We worked with the design team to develop a plan that reflects the community’s desire for pedestrian improvements as expressed in the Dunwoody Village Master Plan,” said Dunwoody Public Works Director Michael Smith in the press release. “The design also includes accommodations for bicycles and minor improvements to address traffic backups at Mount Vernon Road.”

According to the city’s website, a cycle track is a separate path specifically designated for bicycles, as opposed to a shared-use path where cyclists and walkers would share the space. The additional turn lane would be added as a measure to reduce traffic congestion. 

No budget or timeline details are available for the project, according to the press release. The deadline to provide feedback is March 4, which can be shared through a Google form at the bottom of the project’s website.

Sammie Purcell is Associate Editor at Rough Draft Atlanta.