Eight-year-old actress Bella-Rose Love
Bella-Rose Love, eight, will appear in the upcoming film “The System” with Tyrese Gibson.

A local child actor is ready to take the movie world by storm in her first feature-length picture.

Eight-year-old Bella-Rose Love – who lives in Atlanta, but was quick to let me know that she’ll go wherever the roles are – is starring alongside Tyrese Gibson in the upcoming film “The System,” set to release on Oct. 28. 

Love went viral a few years ago at the tender age of five after she told off the Grinch for stealing Christmas and for being so mean. After that chance encounter, she signed with AEFH, DDO, and BMG Talent, and is managed by Crackerjack Management, according to a press release.

Love said it took a while to get her parents to agree to let her pursue acting, but she had a little trick up her sleeve. 

“I’d been begging my parents for months,” she said. “And one day, I taught myself how to cry on command.”

When Love found out she won the role in “The System,” she couldn’t contain her excitement. 

“I was really excited,” she said. “ All because I love being on set and acting.”

“The System” is directed by Dallas Jackson and stars Gibson, Jeremy Piven, Terrence Howard, and Lil Yachty. The film follows a former marine who gets caught up in a drug bust and has to go undercover.

Love said she plays Gibson’s daughter and that throughout the movie he has to try and protect her. While she hasn’t seen the full film yet, she said she had a wonderful time filming in Jackson, Miss., which is close to where a lot of her extended family lives. She said she particularly had fun filming with Gibson, and shared a funny story about their time together on set. 

“He was getting me fried chicken in this local market, and somehow I guess word got out and a group of women started coming after us,” she said. “So he just handed the money to my mom and ran away!” 

Gibson’s popularity with women aside, Love is excited to see the completed movie. She also has big plans for the future, and hopes to be in a Disney movie and television show, as well as a series regular on “Abbott Elementary.” 

When asked if she had anything to say about what audiences can expect from “The System,” Love kept her cards close to her chest.

“It’s really sad and also action-packed,” she said – before cheekily adding, “If you want to see more, you’re going to have to watch it!”

Sammie Purcell

Sammie Purcell is a staff writer for Reporter Newspapers.