Green = District 1
Pink = District 2
Yellow = District 3
Blue = District 4


Stack of rezoning requests await new City Council

City Council holds first meeting

Brookhaven Commission hands over baton

 Brookhaven council names interim city manager

Brookhaven commission announces city office locations

Brookhaven City Council sets first meeting

Public-private model on its way to Brookhaven

J. Max Davis will become Brookhaven’s first mayor

Vinson: Negotiations continuing with DeKalb County

Commission has short list for city office space

Polls reopen for Dec. 4 runoff

Voter’s guide to Districts 3, 4 runoff elections

Candidates reach out to voters at final forum

Brookhaven Commission receives bids to provide services

Candidates dig in at final forum

Q&A with city’s mayoral, District 1 candidates

Brookhaven: District 1 candidates lead fundraising

Brookhaven commission adopts formal report for the city

Brookhaven candidates headed for runoff

Brookhaven City Council election results. Run-offs in 4 races

Voters stream to polls to choose president, Brookhaven officials

Brookhaven elections Nov. 6

Brookhaven races get heated

Chamber of Commerce is next for Brookhaven

Commission seeks bids on city services

Reality show a headache for Brookhaven Heights

Voters scramble to find the right fit for Brookhaven

Brookhaven candidates attend meet-and-greet

Brookhaven commission to release RFPs Oct. 27

UPDATED: Brookhaven mayoral candidates spar over finance reports

Deadline approaching for Brookhaven logo contest

Brookhaven Street Talk – Q: What issue should the new city of Brookhaven tackle first?

Brookhaven commission almost ready to release RFPs

Stathis ends campaign for Brookhaven council seat

VIDEO: Brookhaven Reporter hosts mayoral forum

Brookhaven commission to meet Oct. 11

Letter to the editor: Shepard lays out his reasons for suspending his campaign for Brookhaven mayor

Reporter hosts mayoral debate Oct. 15 at Oglethorpe

Letter to the editor: Shepard lays out his reasons for suspending his campaign for Brookhaven mayor

Governor’s Commission formulates city plans

In Brookhaven, Price welcomes the new city

Brookhaven leaders learn from Dunwoody

Brookhaven Commission gets moving at second meeting

Brookhaven commission holds first meeting

Brookhaven cityhood in-depth: the District 3 candidates

Brookhaven cityhood in-depth: the District 1 candidates

Brookhaven: Volunteers taking hard look at parks

Brookhaven Commission ready to get to work

Deal appoints Brookhaven commission

Brookhaven cityhood in-depth: the District 4 candidates 

Brookhaven cityhood in-depth: the District 2 candidates

Brookhaven cityhood in-depth: the mayoral candidates 

Brookhaven cityhood: Another District 3 candidate sits down for video profile

Brookhaven cityhood: Another mayoral candidate appears in video profile series

Brookhaven cityhood: See the latest videos of your city council candidates 

City may face time crunch setting up

Brookhaven cityhood: latest video profiles of candidates

UPDATED: Two candidates withdraw from Brookhaven council race

Brookhaven group announces candidate forums

Governor’s office quiet on Brookhaven transition board

More than two dozen candidates to seek seat on first Brookhaven City Council

More file to run for Brookhaven City Council

7 file to run for Brookhaven offices

Potential Brookhaven City Council candidates take crash course in campaigning

Brookhaven cityhood: Kerry Witt running for District 4 council seat

Welcome to Brookhaven

Brookhaven cityhood: The meaning behind the flying pig

New challenges ahead as Brookhaven gets off the ground

J. Max Davis announces bid to be Brookhaven’s first mayor

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