By John Schaffner
editor@reporternewspapers.netAtlanta Police Zone 2 is experiencing an increase in burglaries from high-end homes in Buckhead.

“What we are finding is that when a real estate agent takes someone in to show the homes someone has broken in and taken the high-end appliances out of the kitchen,” Zone 2 Commander Maj. Robert Browning said.

Several houses on the market priced in the $1 million range now stand empty, Browning said.

“Let your neighbors know that if there are homes along the street that are for sale and they see any activity that looks unusual at all, to call 911,” Browning told neighborhood representatives attending the April 15 meeting of the Buckhead Council of Neighborhoods.

“Even if it is a moving crew and looks like someone might be moving in, give us a call,” Browning said. “We are going to come and check them out.”

Browning said the burglars are taking the high-end appliances (including very expensive Viking stove units) and selling them on Ebay and such sites. He said they have located some of the units out of the city and across the country. “We are making some progress with that,” he added.

“We do have a burglary task force that is run out of the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office,” the zone commander explained.