More than 100 people attended the Brookhaven Reporter’s Nov. 26 forum at Oglethorpe University. From left to right: Joe Gebbia, Kevin Quirk, Rebecca Chase Williams, Kevin Fitzpatrick, Sandy Murray, J. Max Davis.

The two candidates running to become Brookhaven’s first mayor turned a forum into a debate on Nov. 26, ending answers to questions with pointed verbal jabs.

More than 100 people attended the Brookhaven Reporter’s forum at Oglethorpe University. It was one last chance for the public to hear where the candidates stood on issues before the Dec. 4 runoff.

The two mayoral candidates discussed the issues, including the issues they had with each other.

Sandy Murray went after J. Max Davis in her opening remarks, knocking his acceptance of campaign contributions from potential city vendors.

“I want to create an open and transparent government that is accountable to the citizens of our new city, not vendors and lobbyists looking to make money,” Murray said.

Davis used the answer to his next question to hit back at his opponent for negative campaigning.

“My opponent in the last three debates spends a lot of her time attacking me and assaulting my character with some things that are just made up frankly,” Davis said. “I want to make sure that we have a leader for mayor who is positive, who can sit at a table and listen to all sides and put a positive agenda forward.”

It went on like that for an hour and a half. As Murray attacked, Davis rolled his eyes. As Davis fought back, Murray smirked.

Davis had the edge coming out of the Nov. 6 election, nearly winning the seat outright with 48 percent of the vote. Murray received 35.5 percent of the vote.

For a full recap of the event, check out the Nov. 30 edition of the Brookhaven Reporter.

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