Tom Price
Republican, incumbent

Occupation: Surgeon

Rep Tom Price

Previous elective offices held: Georgia State Senate 1996 – 2004 U.S. Congress 2005 – Present

Other community service: North Fulton Chamber of Commerce; Roswell Rotary Club, past-president; Medical Association of Atlanta, past-president; Medical Association of Georgia, former officer; Chattahoochee Nature Center; Roswell Clean and Beautiful; Georgia Ensemble Theatre. charter member.

Q: Why should the voters choose you for this position?

A: We stand at the precipice of one of the most important elections of our lifetime. Voters yearn for a strong economy that promotes jobs and opportunity for all, a health care system that puts patients first, less federal intervention and regulations, a balanced budget and a tax code that is simpler and fairer, an education system that empowers students and parents, and a government that answers to the people.

Every single day, I am fighting for the citizens of Georgia’s Sixth Congressional District and understand we must work together to restore accountability and constitutional authority in Washington. I firmly believe we can—and will—build a stronger, more prosperous America.

Q: What is the biggest issue facing the constituents you seek to represent? How will you address that issue?

A: When I talk to folks all around our community, the number one issue they are concerned about is the economy. By listening to those we serve, we put together a plan to address our economic concerns. We call it a Better Way for the Economy. Our plan to reinvigorate the economy will call for less regulation, deliver affordable and reliable energy, promote financial independence, put students and workers first, preserve internet innovation, and modernize and simplify our tax code to ensure America’s competitive advantage. These solutions will ensure the U.S. remains the best country in the world to live, work, start a business, and raise a family. I’m committed to moving an agenda forward next Congress to create jobs, raise wages and expand economic opportunity for all Americans.

Q:  What’s the first thing you hope to accomplish after taking office next year?

A: Many folks are struggling today. Part of the problem is we have a health care system that’s costing individuals, families, and business too much money and not delivering the quality care they were promised. We see examples of Obamacare failing the American people every day. Premiums and deductibles going through the roof. Patients losing their doctors. Millions getting insurance cancellation notices in the mail. That’s why we’ve developed an alternative to Obamacare and it’s called a Better Way for Health Care. Next Congress, I’ll work to repeal Obamacare and replace it with our plan to fix our nation’s broken health care system as part of a broader effort to improve the quality of life in our communities, our economy and expand opportunity for all.

Joe Earle is Editor-at-Large. He has more than 30-years of experience with daily newspapers, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was Managing Editor of Reporter Newspapers.