From police reports dated from Oct. 30 to Nov. 12.

The following information was provided by the Zone 2 precinct of the Atlanta Police Department from its records and is presumed to be accurate.

400 block of Northside Circle. On Nov. 12, a woman said she went on a date with a man she met on Tinder. The woman said she does not remember leaving the location where the two met, but remembers being driven home by the suspect. The woman later woke up to discover they were both naked in her bed and that the suspect was wearing a condom. A rape kit was performed and sent to GBI for analysis.

3300 block of Peachtree Road. On Nov. 3, a man walking to the bus stop approached a woman, pushed her down and snatched her purse.

600 block of Darling Circle. On Oct. 30, a man reported that while he was walking home another man snatched $22 from his pocket. Witness observed the suspect flee in an older four-door red sedan.

1800 block of Howell Mill Road. On Nov. 10, a shoplifting arrest was made at a discount department store.

1100 block of Woodland Avenue. On Nov. 11, a man said that while he was waiting for a ride, another man approached and presented a handgun. The robber then demanded the victim’s money. The victim surrendered $10 and his wallet. The suspect then fled.

1500 block of Piedmont Avenue. On Nov. 11, a woman said that while she was getting into her vehicle, she was approached by a man with a handgun. The robber demanded she surrender her purse, which she did. He then fled.

Aggravated Assault
3400 block of Peachtree Road. On Nov. 4, a security guard saw a man driving erratically. He approached the suspect to speak with him. The suspect then pulled a gun on the victim. The suspect was arrested.

3500 block of Piedmont Road. On Nov. 8, a woman said that while she was entering a parking deck, another driver almost struck her vehicle. She said she honked her horn at the vehicle and the other driver became agitated, followed her to her parking space and began screaming at her. She said the driver then pointed a gun at her and her daughter and said she would shoot them. The driver, a woman, then got into her vehicle and sped away.

3300 block of Peachtree Road. On Nov. 11, an arrest was made for aggravated assault.

2300 block of Pine Grove Drive. On Nov. 1, a man said suspects entered his home without force and took a 50-inch Samsung TV, an Xbox, an Apple TV, iPad and miscellaneous other items.

3500 block of Cloudland Drive. On Nov. 4, a home was broken into and its alarm system activated. An iPhone dock, 42-inch flat screen TV, and HP laptop were stolen.

4400 block of Reid Lane. On Nov. 2, someone broke a rear door to gain entry to a home and stole silverware.

100 block of Putnam Drive N.W. On Nov. 2, a rear window was pried open. Silverware and a University of West Virginia watch were stolen. A neighbor observed an older Crown Victoria parked in the driveway.

4300 block of Jett Road. On Nov. 2, the rear door to a house was damaged to gain entry. Jewelry and a drawer of silverware were stolen.

3600 block of Castlegate Drive. At an unknown time, a gas stove top was stolen from a home under construction.

1900 block of Grandview Avenue. On Nov. 2, a window was forced to gain entry and a 42-inch TV and silver MacBook Pro were stolen.

2000 block of Noble Creek Drive. At an unknown time, a rear window was damaged to gain entry. Seven watches and cologne were stolen.

1800 block of Defoor Avenue. On Nov. 3, entry was made through the dog door and a Remington shotgun was stolen.

1200 block of Defoor Village Court. On Nov. 3, a balcony door was damaged and an Apple laptop, Gucci sneakers, glasses and headphones were stolen.

800 block of Canterbury Overlook. Upon returning from a lake holiday, the family found a necklace in their garage. They entered the home to discover that wedding bands, costume jewelry, an LED TV, gift cards, Falcon’s tickets and other items were missing.

2300 block of Arbor Gates Drive. On Nov. 4, a gray MacBook Pro was stolen.

1200 block of Lanier Boulevard. On Oct. 31, a witness observed a gray Range Rover with a trailer pull into the victim’s driveway. Witness said the suspects began loading up the trailer with items from the home. The witness called to notify the victim. Furniture, artwork, pottery and stove were stolen.

2200 block of Mount Paran Road. On Nov. 8, a window was forced to gain entry. Necklaces, bowls, and goblets were stolen.

4300 block of Paran Place. On Nov. 8, a front door was kicked in and the house was ransacked. An HP laptop was stolen.

4300 block of Mount Paran Parkway. On Nov. 8, an audible alarm was activated at the home. The front door had been kicked in and serving utensils and costume jewelry were stolen.

2300 block of Paul Avenue. On Nov. 9, the front window A/C unit was pushed out and an iPad, a Samsung cell phone, an Xbox, a 42-inch LG TV and other items were stolen.

2500 block of Forrest Avenue. On Nov. 11, a window was smashed and a TV and jewelry box were stolen.

1900 block of Main Street. On Nov. 11, a Michael Kors watch, a MacBook Pro and an iPad were stolen.

3300 block of Noble Creek Drive. On Nov. 12, a PS4, an Xbox 1, a Vizio flat screen TV, a woman’s watch and an HP laptop stolen.

2900 block of Rhodenhaven Drive. On Nov. 8, a rear window was kicked in and pearl necklaces and miscellaneous costume jewelry items were stolen.

3000 block of Rhodenhaven Drive. A rear window was shattered and the floors damaged. A Thermadore stove was stolen.

600 block of Norfleet Road. On Nov. 10, a rear door was forced and a laptop, a TV, a Smith and Wesson handgun, iPads, a briefcase, a Smartwatch, and other items were stolen.

1500 block of Howell Mill Road. On Nov. 10, a home basement was broken into. No items were reported missing.

3300 block of Mathieson Drive N.E. On. Oct. 12, a cooktop was stolen from a home under construction.

1100 block of Converse Drive N.E. On Oct. 12, red wine and a beach cruiser bicycle were stolen.

Commercial Burglary
3000 block of Peachtree Road. On Nov. 5, a rock was used to smash a store window. High-end bags were stolen.

3200 block of Paces Ferry Place. On Nov. 5, the front door to a salon and the cash register were pried open. Nothing was reported stolen. A short time later, the door to a nearby shop was pried open and $400 was stolen.

400 block of Trabert Avenue N.W. On Oct. 30, the side window to a business was shattered and items inside appeared to be damaged.

3267 block of Roswell Road N.E. On Oct. 30, a desktop computer and $500 were stolen.

400 block of Armour Drive. On Nov. 5, storage units were forced into and two wigs were stolen.

1800 block of Cheshire Bridge Road. On Oct. 31, officers responding to a call saw two vehicles, a white Dodge Ram truck and a red Nissan Altima, backed into the parking lot in front of a business. The windows had been shattered out. Four men, their faces concealed by hoodies, ran out of the business. The Nissan evaded police. The truck was pursued to a nearby parking deck. The suspect evaded police. The vehicle was recovered and taken into evidence. A cellphone was recovered from the suspects’ escape route.

3500 block of Piedmont Road. On Nov. 6, Apple laptops were stolen.

2100 block of Cheshire Bridge Road.On Nov. 6, the rear door was pried open at a business and the safe was pried.

Between Oct. 30 and Nov. 5, there were 49 larcenies from vehicles reported and 39 reported cases of larceny and shoplifting.

Between Nov. 6 and Nov. 12, there were 40 larcenies from vehicles reported and 33 reported cases of larceny and shoplifting.