A single-family home development is proposed for this wooded area along Dalrymple Road. (Google Maps)

A developer is seeking a rezoning to build single-family houses on 18 lots along Dalrymple Road in an area that is currently heavily wooded.

A preliminary community meeting on the rezoning is set for Oct. 29 at 6:15 p.m. in Lost Corner Preserve, 7300 Brandon Mill Road.

The proposal seeks to rezone the properties, which include 0, 309, 314 and 354 Dalrymple Road, from RE-1 to RD-18, lowering the minimum lot size from one acre to 18,000 square feet, less than half an acre, according to proposal documents. All lots fronting Dalrymple would be at least one acre, however, to be similar to other lots on the road, according to the rezoning document.

One house is currently located at 314 Dalrymple Road. The houses would have at least a 50-foot setback, the site plan said.

The development could also extend Thornhill Lane, which currently dead-ends at the start of the wooded area, and create a cul-de-sac on the south side of Dalrymple. A common driveway could be created on the north side to avoid multiple curb cuts along Dalrymple, according to the site plan.

A common open green area less than one acre is also proposed around a small cemetery, according to the plan.

The property would cross the Georgia Power easement.

To view the proposal details and for a link to submit comments, click here.