By Steve Levene

A friend recently moved to another part of town and told me he felt disconnected from his new area—until he picked up a local paper. It was a community paper, with microscopic coverage of local events and issues.
His experience is typical of most people in Atlanta and other cities, large and small. Our (non-work) lives often center around a fairly narrow piece of geography, usually within a few miles of home. That’s where we meet friends, enjoy dinner and a movie, attend religious services or send kids to school. And, it’s why we’ve introduced the Buckhead Reporter and the Sandy Springs Reporter. Both publications will cover the news and information that’s relevant to you and your community.
Our focus may be small but our ambitions are large. We want to visit your neighborhood, your school, your church or synagogue, even your favorite local restaurant. I hope you’ll invite us to a meeting of your club or organization, share an idea about something you think will improve the community or tell us about someone who’s a great volunteer for a local cause.
In short, let us know what you want to read about. That’s sure to make Sandy Springs and Buckhead even better places to live, and this paper an enjoyable and useful part of your life. Thanks for reading this first issue. I welcome your feedback anytime. Please contact me at