By Steve Levene

This space is reserved for you. We want to hear about local issues—schools, traffic, safety, recreation or anything else that matters to you or your neighbors. We welcome—and will publish—your ideas for ways to enhance the quality of life in our community.

Since our first issue two weeks ago, what we’ve heard is a bit self-serving but, nevertheless, important to us as well. We received dozens of calls and emails commenting on the content and coverage of our new publication. I’m pleased to note that it’s all positive (at least for now) and energized us as we prepared issue number two. A sampling:

Nice quality paper…I like the color photos…the Police Blotter is great.

Enjoyed your first issue. Best wishes for success.

I enjoyed reading the Sandy Springs Reporter…There is a lot of opportunity to build a forward thinking and forward moving city.

We really enjoyed the new paper…and especially enjoyed the Police Blotter. We are running out right now to buy our own bottle of Fire and Ice!

I just received the Buckhead Reporter. Fantastic!

My wife and I enjoyed the inaugural issue. As residents of Garden Hills (in Buckhead) we particularly enjoyed the Atlanta International School article.

Congratulations on the newspaper. The issue was quite good.

We also received good suggestions. Some readers thought the type was small; I hope you notice that we already increased its size in this issue. Someone else asked us to include a classified ad section (we’re working on that). Another reader wants more information on our website (we’re working on that, too).

Another type of feedback has come from local businesses. It’s important for us to know what advertisers think about the Reporter and how this paper meets their needs, as well as those of residents. So far, the response has been excellent. We especially appreciate the support of our initial “charter” advertisers; in many cases these businesses have made substantial investments of faith in our future. (Please mention that you saw their ads in the Reporter!)

Enough about us. In forthcoming issues, we look forward to including your opinions about community life. But don’t stop letting us know how we’re doing.