Dear Betty, Frank, and Tom,

Thank you for your recent emails voicing your concerns regarding the East Wesley Tree planting. Judy Stolovitz, who is the lead volunteer on this project, has kept me in the loop and it is my desire to clarify the project further and to facilitate open communication. I have been assured that no one will plant a tree in front of your home if you do not want them.

It is my understanding that this volunteer tree planting project was created because:

-Many trees planted by the city along East Wesley were planted in June/July and did not make it through the hot and dry summer. Many of them died.

-The city did not organize an in-depth tree planting plan from the beginning for the initial trees that were planted. Meaning, there was probably not enough consideration given to the types of trees, location, watering logistics, etc.

-In August of this year, a group of concerned neighbors, from all areas of Garden Hills—including several who live on East Wesley—came to the GHCA (Garden Hills Civic Association) Board and volunteered to address the issue of the dead and dieing (sic) trees. The Board gave them the go-ahead to develop a plan and to seek outside experts to help develop the plan, secure funding for trees, and to enlist Garden Hills neighbors to assist in planting the trees. The GHCA Board was quite clear in advising the group that the intent of an initiative such as this should be regularly communicated to the residents on East Wesley and Garden Hills at large. It is my understanding that this occurred through an open invitation meeting, mailbox flyers, the GHCA newsletter, and recently, a hand-delivered site plan to all residents on East Wesley.

-A professional landscaper has donated time and expertise to create a plan, and Trees Atlanta has agreed to install all of the trees at no charge to homeowners

I encourage you to contact Judy directly, who is copied on this email, this week, if you do not want a free tree. No tree will be planted in front of your home.

Armistead Whitney
Garden Hills Civic Association