To the editor:
I appreciate your reporting on “Council Favors $276,000 Dog Park Proposal”, in the Sandy Springs Reporter Nov 16 – Nov 29, 2007.
I trust that you might help me with a couple of inquiries:
– You reported “…and plan B being one tweaked by the rowing club at Georgia Tech…”  Being very close to the Georgia Tech Rowing Club, yet I cannot find anyone in the club who has provided any input on this proposal.  Can you tell me who specifically provided this input?
– And, why Georgia Tech … why the “Georgia Tech Boat House”, as identified on the plans?  Georgia Tech is not resident in Sandy Springs and does not pay taxes here!  Why not the Sandy Springs Rowing Club Boat House?
Your comments would be appreciated.
Richard Miller
Editor’s note: It was announced during the city council meeting presentation that the Georgia Tech Rowing Club had provided the input into Plan B. After the story was published, we heard that the input was actually provided by the Sandy Springs Conservancy. As for why it is being named the Georgia Tech Boat House, it was said that club would be the primary user of the facility.