To the editor

I want to thank community activist Alison Harris and the Sandy Springs Reporter for their unwavering coverage of our dog park saga.

The Reporter’s article in the Nov. 30-Dec. 13 issue was very enlightening. While the quest for a community dog park that we can call our own may not be our most pressing issue, it is something many of our fine city residents feel adds to our quality of life.

Furthermore, although I am disappointed that a Sandy Springs dog park may be further delayed, I am even more disappointed in the actions of our city council who submit and cater to the wishes of a vocal minority, instead of the concerns of the greater good. I am further incensed that Councilwoman Ashley Jenkins thinks that we have to feel grateful and that our concerns are interpreted as “…constantly complaining about everything….” Ms. Jenkins, take a reality check. You represent the taxpaying citizens of Sandy Springs. Our vocal concerns are not whining.

After all is said and done, it’s tragic that our newborn, or are they toddlers now, representation appears more and more like our old Fulton County representation. Like The Who said in “Won’t Get Fooled Again”: “Meet the new boss, same as the ol’ boss.”

Jeffrey Shapiro