The Buckhead Coalition has decided to counter road rage with a smile and a few chuckles.

The nonprofit chamber-type organization has introduced a hardback book with 88 cartoons about traffic.

The introduction to the book lists several activities underway in the community to reduce traffic congestion—funding for rush-hour traffic police at major intersections, dedicated left-turn lanes, a free shuttle, vanpool programs, the new Peach MARTA bus.

Coalition President Sam Massell said, “We must continue to do all that is practical to increase transportation options. At the same time, let’s lighten up our stress levels.”

The book is titled “The Buckhead Coalition’s Car Companion” and the cartoons come from issues of the New Yorker Magazine dating back to 1926.

The book is dedicated to Karl Bevins, who was the city’s traffic engineer when Massell was mayor of Atlanta. He also served under mayors William Hartsfield, Ivan Allen and Maynard Jackson.

Bevins also is said to be the oldest active member of the Buckhead Business Association and attends virtually every breakfast and luncheon meeting of the organization.

–John Schaffner