atlanta flooring trendsPart of a renovation and remodel is often selecting a new floor covering. Whether you’re going green or just looking for a great buy, this year’s flooring market styles have got you covered with their array of selections.
Laminate is a popular choice for the home with its durability and holds up to high-volume foot traffic. Available in imitation stone and granite, laminate floors have easier maintenance and resist stains and fading.
Known for their rustic and nostalgic feel, hard woods bring an acoustic element to a room, with its solid sound and increase the value of a home. The latest trends for hardwood floors include distressed texture in darker tones, a wider plank size, and a new preference for exotic wood over the classic options.
A new floor type on the market, FiberFloor is ideal for those who are always on the move or reluctant to commit to a floor design for life. The easily installed floor lays flat without glue, making it portable and easy to change and has backing that reduces sound and noise transmission.
The least expensive off all flooring options, vinyl floors currently hold the best value on the market. Vinyl flooring can provide a realistic wood, tile, or stone look and comes in sheets or tiles. Ideal for bathrooms and kitchens, vinyl flooring’s most notable feature is its moisture resistance.
Most practical for offices and medical facilities, linoleum flooring’s antistatic and hypoallergenic qualities make it the easiest to keep clean. In light of the green trend, linoleum’s all natural and renewable ingredients have brought it back from grandma’s kitchen to a floor of modern appeal. Linoleum comes in many patterns and colors and has long-lasting endurance.
The Travertine tile, made of limestone, is currently a high demand style. Its appeal is in its longevity and availability in wide range of colors. This year’s most popular variety: a creamy coffee shade. The Ceramic tile is a timeless flooring option that comes in either glazed or porcelain. Glazed ceramic floors are best suited for heavy-traffic areas while porcelain is most commonly seen in bathrooms. Deep textures and metallic finishes are in-style for this year’s ceramic tiled floors.
The porous quality of cork makes for a flexible and cushiony floor that is soft to walk on like carpet while avoiding the carpet’s allergen trapping aspects. Anti-microbial, fire retardant, and resistant to insects, cork flooring has advantages over most floors. Absorbing shock and sound, cork is perfect for noise reduction, cork floors are emerging as a big hit on the flooring market.
Harder than oak, this flooring option is trendy and practical. Harvested without killing the plant, and hardy enough to grow without pesticides, bamboo is an environmentally friendly alternative to hardwood. It comes in various colors and textures and is a fast growing trend.
Carpets continue to be the number one selling floor cover today, coming in various textures, patterns, colors, and even forms with carpet tiles and runners. The perfect choice for bedrooms, it adds warmth, color, and softness. It’s also economical, with the added insulation meaning energy savings. Today’s carpet trends reflect a return of retro with warm colors like chocolate brown and kiwi and a demand for the shag texture.
More than a floor, rugs are a symbol of luxury and can become heirlooms passed down and admired for their ornate designs. Rugs add personality to a room, are easily cleaned, and don’t come with an installation change. Right now designers are going shag with luxurious rugs, but the green option for rugs is also available. Natural area rugs with braided plant fiber materials are durable and environmentally conscious.

Collin Kelley

Collin Kelley has been the editor of Atlanta Intown for two decades and has been a journalist and freelance writer for 35 years. He’s also an award-winning poet and novelist.