City of DecaturThree Georgia communities, Cobb County, Alpharetta and Decatur, have earned Green Communities Certifications from the Atlanta Regional Commission in recognition of their sustainabilitity practices and policies.

Decatur was granted certification at the bronze level for its efforts. The city created a Citizen Environmental Sustainability Board last year to advise government officials regarding the city’s environmental regulations, plans and initiatives. The City of Decatur Sustainability Policy describes the measures to be taken, including a purchasing policy that gives preference to “green” materials, an employee recycling program, a green fleet policy and green building standards. Government employees must sign a “Lights Out/Power Down” policy and a “No-Idling” policy for those who own vehicles. Additionally, the city has implemented a Safe Routes to School Program that encourages children to walk or bike to school and attempts to make the routes safer for them to do so. For more information visit