By John Schaffner
Atlanta police have reported a problem lately in Buckhead with people stealing keys from the valet boxes at businesses, restaurants, special events and other venues and then going through the parking areas, locating and stealing select cars.

Atlanta Police Zone 2 Commander Major Robert Browning said the thieves approach the valet key boxes when the valets are busy getting cars for customers.
The thieves swipe keys from the key box and then go through the parking areas clicking the automatic door opening buttons until they get a “chirp chirp” response from a car they like. They then drive off with the car.

Browning urged anyone who has valet parking at their businesses or knows anyone who does to pass on the alert and make sure the valets are aware of the problem.
The major said there was an incident in the parking lot of the Buckhead Diner in early February when officers were able to get there in time to arrest a couple of suspected thieves. One  suspects also had stolen the cell phone of one of the valets working at the restaurant.

Browning urged anyone who suspected a problem at a valet site to call 911 immediately.